Who We Are


After independence an import substitution policy was introduced by Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah aimed at reducing the importation of foreign goods and to promote industrialization. Hence, a modern textile industry began in the 1960’s with a number of large-scale textiles manufacturing plants through mostly joint private and state, as well as a few private investments, and managed by the foreign partners.



One of the major textile factories, so privately established in 1967, was Akosombo Textiles Ltd. We are proud to be part of the Cha Textiles Group of companies. From an initial workforce of around 500, ATL currently employs 1,650 people with its factory situated at Akosombo overlooking the Akosombo Dam in the Eastern Region, with its sales and administrative office in Accra.


In 1999, CTD was established by the Cha Textiles Group of Companies to serve as the distribution outlet for ATL products throughout Africa.


In 2001, a co-operation between ATL and its sister company ABC, a leading producer of Wax prints based in Manchester, UK led to the installation of a new Wax printing machine and other equipment imported from the UK at our Akosombo site in December 2005 to enable us produce ABC Wax made in Ghana. This move took years of meticulous planning and investments.